The Cortona-India 2010 conference and more.....

In this section you will find all the speakers lectures, papers, information and more.


Date Speaker Title Format link
Saturday 20 nov. 2010 Prof. A P J Abdul Kalam Dimensions of Spiritual Science pdf CLICK HERE

Morning lectures

Date Speaker Title Format link
Saturday 20 nov. 2010 Mani Bhaumik Cosmology and spirituality pdf CLICK HERE
Sunday 21 nov. 2010 Sangeetha Menon Self and Immortality: Nachiketa, the young student's dialogue in the Katha Upanishad pdf CLICK HERE
Sunday 21 nov. 2010 Michel Bitbol Erwin Schrödinger and the Upanishads pdf CLICK HERE
Monday 22 nov. 2010 Chandra Kant Raju Mathematics, infinity and cosmos pdf CLICK HERE
Wednesday 24 nov. 2010 Shakti Maira Beauty: a fundamental organizing system in the 'relational' world pdf CLICK HERE
Thursday 25 nov. 2010 Clifford Saron The Shamatha Project pdf CLICK HERE CLICK HERE
Friday 26 nov. 2010 Bernard Lietaer Observations on the world economics pdf CLICK HERE
Friday 26 nov. 2010 Come Carpenter Local and global in India and elsewhere pdf CLICK HERE

Afternoon classrooms and ateliers

Date Speaker Title Format link
Monday 22 nov. 2010 Rudolf Schmitz-Perrin The Art of Realizing a Unifying Spirituality pdf CLICK HERE
All week Jörg Rasche India, Jung and I pdf CLICK HERE
All week Marion Colomer Painting atelier pdf (12Mb) CLICK HERE

The Press

Date Press Title Format link
Sunday November 21st, 2010 Deccan Chronicle Science meets spirituality web link CLICK HERE
Tuesday November 23rd, 2010 Hyderabad Mani: Universe evolved from one "Source" jpg CLICK HERE

Cortona-India 2010 Images

Author Title Format link
Sreedeep Cortona-india 2010 - 'seminar, city, performance, party - a festival of events' web link CLICK HERE

Cortona-India 2010 Evaluation

Author Title Format link
Simona Radice Cortona-India 2010 evaluation results pdf CLICK HERE

Cortona-India 2010 The conference

(directed by Nitin Donde)

Cortona-India 2010 - The conference on Vimeo.

Cortona-India 2010 Animation Workshop Group

(workshop leader: Nitin Donde)

Who am I? on Vimeo.

Cortona-India 2010 Reflections/Expressions

(by Michael Stillwater)

Cortona-India 2010: Reflections/Expressions on Vimeo.