Organization principles and criteria of eligibility

The Cortona-India conferences will have the structure of the well established Cortona-ETH Zürich, e.g. one week long work from Saturday to Saturday, (partial admittance not allowed), with all participants (teachers and students) living together in the same premise.
The speakers will be chosen by the scientific advisors of the Cortona-India, in collaboration with a local academic Indian committee. Particular importance will be given to the choice of Indian personalities who with their life testimony of their own words. The financial criteria for speakers and workshop leaders will be broadly the same as in Cortona-ETH Zürich: travel expenses (for air fares only economic class), hotel accommodations being taken care of by the local committee, plus a small honorarium. We regret that we cannot accept speakers who can only stay for a couple of days: the Cortona-week is not a scientific conference of the type: "give-a talk- and run away"---but it is a week long process of mutual interaction and growth-"Universities" in the real sense.
The conference is NOT open to the general public (we would be engulfed by thousands of requests). It is by invitation only. Some of the speakers may however like to bring along their respective partner, which traditionally gives rise to some problem as we do not want to accept payment for the week, but we cannot offer free board and lodging to everybody. A compromise is usually met by way of letting the partner stay against the honorarium (in other words, the costs of the non invited partner are detracted from the honorarium of the speaker).

Criteria of eligibility of students

Participating students will be nominated by the professors involved in the collaboration project ETH Zürich-India, as well as by the teachers invited as presenters in the meeting itself. We expect that only the best students, the ones who are really motivated, will be present at the residential week of Cortona-India.
All accommodation expenses of these students will be taken care of by the Cortona-India local committee. There are no fees either. Furthermore, Indian students will receive financial help to arrive from their home residence to Hyderabad and return by train.
A moderate amount of non-Indian students will of course be present, coming from the ETH Zürich or other European or American universities- again suggested by their professors. Their week will be taken care of, but not their overseas travel. We consider however the possibility of a very moderate amount of grants for students coming outside India.