The Cortona-India is a residential week devoted to lectures, panels and experimental workshops primarily (but not solely) for Indian graduate students in science and technology, as well as in economic, human legal rights and other humanistic directions. The main aim is to provide to these young students, our world leaders of tomorrow, a broader horizon and to experience the vision of a more integrated view of life, where the values of the cultural heritage, and of the spirit in general, are balanced with the values of the pressing technical progress.

In particular, the Cortona-India will be characterized by the dialogue, and possible attempt to a congruence, between the values brought about by the new science and technology on the one hand, and by the Indian cultural heritage on the other hand.

Has the teaching from the Veda and from the Mahabaratha still a meaning in our modern world, is a merging possible between the old tradition and the novel scientific world view? And can India through this merging acquire an original, powerful way to tackle the challenges of the near future? And arriving at the modern times, has the message of Gandhi still a value in this world afflicted by violence and aggressivity?

Cross-cultural interaction with other ways of thinking will also be part of the Cortona week.